About Us

Click & Dial offers a wide range of sourcing services for items such as groceries, household appliances, motor spares, solar equipment etc. within Southern Africa. 

Further Click & Dial also has an Online Grocery Store for Gauteng, South Africa and Zimbabwe (Harare and Bulawayo).  In order exceed our customers’ expectations Click & Dial staff conducts themselves with unparalleled Professionalism and Attention to detail.

Our Mission

To deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable, efficient purchase and delivery of goods and delivering them to the desired destinations at a minimal cost within reasonable time frames.

Our Vision

We believe in making life easy in a busy world where people have less time shopping for both home and business goods. We seek to create a better life for our customers through our services.  Our services ensures that our clients do not risk their health with shopping for basic commodities at busy times of the months.