Frequently Asked Questions

If your concern is not addressed in the questions below, feel free to ask us more on our contact page.

Click & Dial Deliveries takes full responsibility for the delivery of orders to the specified address of delivery. This could be in Gauteng, Zimbabwe, and Botswana etc. and includes delivery to our customers’ trusted transporter as well.

Yes, a range of payment options are available such as paying via our website, Western Union and Direct deposits and transfers into our business account.

Game, Kit Kat, Jumbo, Makro, Game, Proshop, Woolies, Ellis etc and any special requests can be considered but could result in additional fees.

Unfortunately we are still updating our systems. Hence at the moment you cannot be able to track your order online, but you can contact our call centre via WhatsApp or Mobile phone.

Orders can be changed within 4 hours of the initial order. After that we cannot change.

We confirm the total price including any fees, your address, payment, delivery date and time. Delivery then occurs and then we confirm delivery.

Payment can be done safely via our Website via Payfast, Cash, and Direct bank transfers to our FNB Business Account, ATM deposits. Cash and ATM deposits attract additional fees of 5%. E-Wallet and other Cash transfer methods will be considered including Mukuru payments.

Yes we are a South African registered company.

Within 24 hours to 48 hours after your order depending on the complexity of the order and requirements of the customer.

This is subject to discussion with our customers.

We charge from 10% of your total invoice cost.

Any destination in the Gauteng Province, for other arears customers we can link you with a reliable truck or national or international courier service that will deliver at your door step of choice.

All illegal goods, including banned goods due to lockdown.

You can WhatsApp, Email, Facebook or call us.

In Johannesburg, Harare and Bulawayo.

If the wrong goods were ordered or damaged you will get a replacent of the correct goods if only in the custody of Click & Dial.

Click & Dial does not take responsibility for the goods in the custody of your trusted transporter.

The founders have been operating on an informal basis since 2008 and focusing primarily on the Johannesburg to Zimbabwe route.

In the last year the company has started working on a more formalised basis including advertising on social platforms like FB, the Internet and WhatsApp.

Normal delivery vehicles depending on the size of order.

It will not be delivered, however if the time of delivery was communicated clearly by both parties you will be asked to pay an extra fee for the second delivery.

Vehicles are sanitised regularly, all team members will be wearing masks and regularly sanitise their hands.