C&D Jumbo


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Sugar 2kg Brown x 5 @ R46,32
Rice 2kg Tastic x 5 @R52,31
Spaghetti 500g x 10 @R16,50
Flour Self Raising 2.5kg Snowflake x 5 @ R62,78
Cooking Oil 2L Excella x 5 @R61,28
Macarroni 500g Grande x 5 @R 22,50
Tea bags 80bgs Freshpack Rooibos x 2 @R77,12
Ricoffy 100g Nescafe x 5 @R25,73
Nestle Cremora 750g Nestle x 5 @R50,44
Soups 50g Royco x 20 @R7,46
Soups 50g Knorr x 20 @R7,46
Koo Beans 415g x 20 @R15,00
Tinned Fish 215g Lucky Star x 20 @R18,59
Washing Powder 2kg Sunlight x 5 @R64,29
Bath Soap 175g Dettol x 10 @R14,57
Bleach 750ml Jik x 5 @R26,40
Sunlight Liquid 750ML Sunlight x 5 @R35,28
Clere 400ml Clere x 5 @R33,88
Vaseline 250ml Blue seal x 5 @R51,09
Colgate 50ml Colgate x 5 @R11,95
Rollons 50ml Shield x 5 @R30,93


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